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On a positive note, there has been a steady increase of articles received for publication indicating a growing interest among researchers to publish their work in this journal. The journal has published an average of 14 articles of topics of mixed variety per issue, from authors of various countries including Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. » Read more...

Hatta Sidi
MBBS, MMed (Psych), DipSHC (Australia)



President’s Message, AFPMH (2014 - 2016)

It is a great pleasure for me to take over the presidency of the AFPMH from our Philippines counterpart. The Federation is now based in Indonesia from 2015 until 2016. Since its birth in 1981, AFPMH has achieved many successes in networking and exchanging knowledge and information. This is achieved through our meeting in the biennial congress and regular online publication of the ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry, which is the official journal of the Federation. » Read more...

Danardi Sosrosumihardjo
Department of Psychiatry, University of Indonesia (UI) Medical School, Jakarta, Indonesia

Vol 17, No 2 (2016): ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry Online Early

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Original Article

Time Trend For Substance Use Disorder And Psychiatric Disorders Among Patients Seeking Treatment From A Dual Diagnosis Clinic Of A Tertiary Care Substance Use Disorder Treatment Centre In India Abstract PDF
Yatan Pal Singh Balhara, Rishi Gupta, Rakesh Lal XX-XX
Clinical Characteristics Of Inpatients Undergoing Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) In A University Hospital, Thailand Abstract PDF
Umporn Pitidhrammabhorn, Pichai Ittasakul, Punjaporn Waleeprakhon, Morris B Goldman XX-XX
Antipsychotics And Electrocardiographic Monitoring In Patients With Schizophrenia Abstract PDF
Pamela Mei Yuan Ng, Suet Bin Chai, Ker-Chiah Wei XX-XX

Case Report

When Experts Disagree Abstract PDF
Choon Leng Eu, Suarn Singh XX-XX
Escitalopram Induced Hyponatremia Abstract PDF
Parmar Arpit, Mandal Piyali, Tripathi Manjari, Sagar Rajesh XX-XX

Vol 17, No 1 (2016): ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry

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ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry Vol. 17 (1) January to June 2016

Full compilation of the ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry Vol. 17 (1) January to June 2016 Abstract PDF

Original Article

Depression And Anxiety In Mothers Of Children With Cancer And How They Cope With It: A Cross-Sectional Hospital Based Study In Eastern India Abstract PDF
Kaberi Bhattacharya, Sumita Pal, Prathama Guha, Rudra Prasad Acharyya, Gargi Dasgupta, Arunima Datta1-8
Stress Level And The Common Coping Strategies Among International Postgraduate Students At University Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre (UKMMC), Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Abstract PDF
Aniza Ismail, Jamsiah Mustafa, Sanaa Taher, Chiew Wye Lee, Jamsiah Mustafa9-20
Anorexia Nervosa And Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (NOS) In Singapore: A Seven-Year Retrospective Study Abstract PDF
Goh Kye Hock Robin, Lee Ee Lian, Pearlene Lim, Lum Shin Si21-34
Alexithymia In Pregnant Women: Its Relationship With Depression Abstract PDF
Monavar Gilanifar, Mouloud Agajani Delavar35-41
The Interpretation Of Depressive Symptoms In Urban And Rural Areas In Sabah, Malaysia Abstract PDF
Wendy Diana Shoesmith, Nicolas Pang42-53
Anxiety And Depression Among Asthmatic Patients In Malaysia Abstract PDF
Sami AR Al-Dubai, Kurubaran Ganasegeran, Mohammed Alshakka, Pukunan Renganathan, Ramadan Elkalmi, Rizal MA Manaf, Hematram Yadav54-62
Mast Cell In Amygdale, Thalamus, Hippocampus Of Wistar Rats And Its Correlation With Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone (CRH) Plasma Level And Length Of Acute Stress Exposure Abstract PDF
Bonaventura Handoko Daeng, Obed Paundralingga, Aris Widodo, Hidayat Sujuti, Karyono Mintaroem, Edi Widjajanto63-70
Concurrent Validity And Exploratory Factor Analysis Of The Malay Version Of Center For Epidemiologic Studies-Depression Scale (CESD) Among Malaysian Adolescents Abstract PDF
Siti Raudzah Ghazali, Ask Elklit, Rekaya Vincent Balang, Chen Yoke Yong71-78
Associations Between Low Self-Control And Aggression Among Malaysian Male Prisoners Abstract PDF
Mohammad Rahim Kamaluddin, Nadiah Syariani Md. Shariff, Azizah Othman, Khaidzir Hj Ismail, Geshina Ayu Mat Saat79-86
Benzodiazepine Prescription Patterns And Dependence Risk In A General Hospital In Singapore Abstract PDF
Leslie Lim, Herng Nieng Chan, Joyce Lim, Dylan Wong, Yiong Huak Chan87-93
Psychometric Properties Of The Eurohis-QOL (WHO-8) – Malay Version In People With Cognitive Impairment Abstract PDF
Azlina Wati Nikmat, Aqil Mohammad Daher94-103

Review Article

Cyber Bullying - A New Social Menace Abstract PDF
Ng Chong Guan, Sharmilla Kanagasundram, Yee Hway Ann, Tan Loong Hui, Teoh Kar Mun104-115

Case Report

An Intriguing Case Of Heroin Induced Delusion Of Parasitosis Abstract PDF
Navin Nair, Tee Chun Keat, Sonia Devadas, Choo Shell Pinn, Eni Rahaiza, Bilbir Kaur116-119
Treatment Resistant Mania: A Case Report Abstract PDF
Tee Chun Keat, Poh Yih Chew, Eni Rahaiza, Choo Shell Pinn, Bilbir Kaur120-123
Diagnostic Difficulties In A Patient With Huntington Disease With Schizophrenia Like Psychosis – A Case Report Abstract PDF
Jitendra Rohilla, Pinki Tak124-127

Short Report

Experiencing Negative Thoughts? Write It On Paper, Crumple It And Discard It Abstract PDF
Yasmin Othman Mydin, Syed Hassan Ahmad Al Mashoor, Zul Azlin Razali128-131


Suicide Is Preventable: An Unsafe Clause Abstract PDF
Saxby Pridmore, Abdul Maajid132-136

Vol 16, No 2 (2015): ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry

Table of Contents

ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry Vol. 16 (2) July to December 2015

Full compilation of the ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry Vol. 16 (2) July to December 2015 Abstract PDF

Review Article

Linking Psychological Traits With Criminal Behaviour: A Review Abstract PDF
Mohammad Rahim Kamaluddin, Nadiah Syariani Md Shariff, Azizah Othman, Khaidzir Hj Ismail, Geshina Ayu Mat Saat 135-147
Evolving Concept Of Abnormal Illness Behavior & Clinical Implications Abstract PDF
Sujita Kumar Kar, Rajesh Kumar148-156

Original Article

Dhat Syndrome Assessment Using Mixed Methodology Abstract PDF
Ashish Pundhir, Rohit Kant Srivastava, Saurabh Sharma, Prachi Singh, H S Joshi, Vijender Aggarwal 157-168
Skin Diseases Among Long Stay Psychiatric Patients In Indonesia Abstract PDF
Marthoenis, Marion C Aichberger, Liza Fathiariani, Meryam Schouler-Ocak169-175
Prevalence Of Metabolic Syndrome And Its Associated Factors In Patients With Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) Abstract PDF
Chawanun Charnsil, Sudrak Pilakanta, Suksiri Panikul 176-180
Psychiatrists’ Perceptions Of What Determines Outcomes For People Diagnosed With Schizophrenia In Vietnam Abstract PDF
Seiji H Humphries, Robert J King, Michael P Dunne, Nguyen H Cat181-192
Plasma CRH Level Difference Between Wistar Rats Exposed To Acute Stress Due To Predator And To The Psychological Stress Device Abstract PDF
B Handoko Daeng, Analis Wisnu Wardhana, Aris Widodo, Hidayat Sujuti, Karyono Mintaroem, Edi Widjajanto193-202
Translation And Validation Of The Malay Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Checklist For Civilians Abstract PDF
Rafidah Bahari, Muhammad N Mohamad Alwi, Muhammad R Ahmad, Ismail Mohd Saiboon 203-211
The Effectiveness Of Community-Based Mental Health Program By Community Health Centers On The Recovery Of Patients With Psychosis In Aceh Abstract PDF
Sri Idaiani212-221
Depression And Loneliness/Social Isolation Among Patients With Cognitive Impairment In Nursing Home Abstract PDF
Azlina Wati Nikmat, Nurul Azreen Hashim, Siti Aminah Omar, Salmi Razali222-231
Factor Structure Of General Health Questionnaire And Assessment: A Cross-Sectional Study Among University Students In Malaysia Abstract PDF
Prashanth Talwar, Mohd Fadzil Abd Rahman232-240

Case Report

Aggression Following Benzodiazepine Ingestion In A Forensic Psychiatric Patient: A Case Report Abstract PDF
Ahmad Nabil Md Rosli, Suarn Singh241-244
A Rare Case Of Sub-Acute Form Of Marchiafava-Bignami Disease Presenting Predominantly With Psychotic Symptoms Abstract PDF
Poon Shi Hui, Rajesh Jacob, Richard Cuthbert Mellor, Natarajan Kathirvel 245-248
Inhalant Dependence: Is There A Role Of Achieving Abstinent Through Supported Employment? A Case Report Abstract PDF
Radhiahtul Akmal Razali, Ahmad Faizal Shamsuddin, Suzaily Wahab, Abdul Kadir Abu Bakar249-252
Paliperidone Palmitate In Adolescents, Is There A Role?: A Case Report Abstract PDF
Janaki Venkatasalam, Fairuz Nazri Abd Rahman 253-255
Double Jeopardy - A Case Of Trichotillomania And Intellectual Disability Abstract PDF
Sutapa Basu256-260


Reducing Stigma Towards People With Mental Illness In Malaysia Abstract PDF
Lim Sheri 261-264
Mental Health: Concepts And Treatment In The Siddha (Tamil) System Of Medicine Abstract PDF
Somasundaram Ottilingam, Tejus Murthy, Vijaya Raghavan 265-270

Letter to the Editor

Psalm 137 And Middle Cerebral Artery Infarction Abstract PDF
Saxby Pridmore, Jamshid Ahmadi 271

Vol 16, No 1 (2015): ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry

Table of Contents

ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry Vol. 16 (1) Jan to June 2015

Full compilation of the ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry Vol. 16 (1) Jan to June 2015 Abstract PDF

President's Message

President's Message, AFPMH Abstract PDF
Danardi Sosrosumihardjo 1

Message From The Chief Editor

Editor-in-Chief Welcome Message 2014 - 2016 Abstract PDF
Hatta Sidi 2

Special Report

The 14th ASEAN Federation Of Psychiatry And Mental Health (AFPMH) Congress Meeting In Cebu, The Philippines Abstract PDF
Hatta Sidi, Marhani Midin 3-4

Review Article

The Role Of Psychiatrists And Tobacco Dependence Treatment Abstract PDF
Amer Siddiq Amer Nordin, J Douglas Sellman, Simon J Adamson 5-17

Original Article

Psychosocial Morbidities In Children With Medically Unexplained Pain Symptoms: A Study From India Abstract PDF
Sharmishtha S Deshpande, Vidya Ganapathy, Neelima Bendre 18-27
Sudarshan Kriya For Male Patients With Psycho Active Substance Dependence: A Randomized Control Trial Abstract PDF
Pankaj Sureka, Sandeep Govil, Debadutta Dash, Chandika Dash, Mukesh Kumar, Vikas Singhal 28-37
Neuropsychiatric Complications In Liver Transplant Patients In A Tertiary Hospital In Singapore Abstract PDF
Z Chua, S M Tan, H L, C K Tan, B Y Ng 38-49
Suicide In Shooting Galleries Abstract PDF
Matilda Mackay-Smith, Jamshid Ahmadi, Saxby Pridmore 50-56
Management of Negative Self-Image with Rational Emotive and Behavioural Therapy and Assertiveness Training Abstract PDF
Jane-frances Obiageli Agbu 57-68
Suicide And Related Behaviour In Dostoyevsky Novels Abstract PDF
Saxby Pridmore, William Pridmore 69-74
Coping Styles And Stroop Test In Non-Clinical Sample: Exploring The Associations And Predictors Of Cognitive Styles Abstract PDF
Teo Yong Chang, Nasir Yusoff, Tahamina Begum 75-83
Older Adults With Cognitive Impairment Living In Malaysian Nursing Homes – Have We Met Their Needs? Abstract PDF
Azlina Wati Nikmat, Syed Hassan Almashoor 84-94
The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence (EI) And Organizational Citizenshp Behaviour (OCB): The Moderating Role Of Islamic Work Ethics (IWE) Abstract PDF
Syed Nadeem Abbas Haider 95-105
Depression And Its Predictors Among Breast Cancer Patients In Nepal Abstract PDF
Abha Sharma, Jingping Zhang 106-115
The Needs and Problems in Epilepsy Caregiving: A Qualitative Exploration Abstract PDF
Pei Lin Lua, Nor Khaira Wahida Khairuzzaman, Zariah Abdul Aziz, Jimmy Lee Kok Foo 116-126

Case Report

A Child With Advanced Mucopolysaccharidosis Presenting With Severe Behavioural Problems Abstract PDF
Sharmishtha S Deshpande, Ketki R Sathe 127-130
Delayed Neuropsychiatry Sequelae (DNS) Of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning – A Case Report Abstract PDF
Shamini A/P Arasalingam, Ahmad Faizal Shamsuddin, Hatta Sidi, Hjh Rabai'ah bt Mohd Salleh 131-134