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Norbert Skokauskas


Earlier this year, the World Psychiatry Association, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (WPA CAP) section launched its Newsletter. This Newsletter is one of the new WPA CAP Executive Board’s initiatives.

It is my great pleasure to welcome the members of the extensive Editorial Board: Prof. Bennett Leventhal (Chair, WPA CAP, USA), Dr. Gordana Milavic (Co- Chair, WPA CAP, UK), Prof. Dimitris Anagnostopoulos (Past Chair, WPA CAP, Greece), Prof. A.Guerrero (Assistant Editor, USA), Dr. J.Abdulmalik (Assistant Editor, Nigeria), Prof. S.Malhotra (India), Prof. D.Fung (Singapore), Prof. S.Honjo (Japan), Prof. P.Szatmari (Canada), Prof. L.Viola (Uruguay), Prof. S.C.Cho (S.Korea), Prof. D.Puras (Lithuania), Dr. V.Storm (Australia), Dr. J.Fayyad (Lebanon), Assoc. Prof. SMK.Tan (Malaysia), Dr. M.B.Moyano (Argentina), Dr. N.V.Tuan (Vietnam), and Dr. T.Masaru (Japan).

The Newsletter will have four main sections. The first section will be dedicated to official WPA CAP communications. The second section will feature upcoming academic and practical events sponsored by WPA CAP. The third section will contain reports from past events. The Newsletter will also publish brief interviews with prominent or promising colleagues, whose experience, vision, thoughts and ideas might be interesting and useful to our members. This first Issue begins with the interview with Prof. Bennett Leventhal (Chair, WPA CAP). While Professor B. Leventhal is very well known to AACAP (American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists) members and colleagues who attend AACAP Annual meetings, this Issue gives an opportunity for all WPA CAP members to learn a little bit more about the new Chair and his vision for WPA CAP.

As the 20th World IACAPAP Congress will be held from July 21st to 25th 2012 in Paris, France, WPA CAP is planning an active presence there. WPA CAP will organize three symposiums on 1) ADHD, (Chair: Prof. Bennett Leventhal,) 2) Tics (Chair; Prof. Barbara Coffey) and 3) Global perspectives on teaching and learning in CAP (organized by WPA CAP Group on Teaching and Learning, Chair :Dr. Norbert Skokauskas). A brief overview of WPA CAP symposiums can be found in the Newsletter. WPA CAP sponsored conferences will also be held in Belgrade, Serbia in the coming months, and Dr. Gordana Milovic reports on planned WPA CAP activities there.

This issue also features some past events sponsored by WPA CAP. Prof. B. Leventhal shares his impressions about the WPA Thematic Conference "Mental Health and Family Medicine working Together" that took place Granada, Spain. And finally this issue contains some information about upcoming events.

This is the very first issue and further suggestions and contributions from members are most welcome and we would certainly try our best to make this Newsletter the way you like. The newsletter can be downloaded at