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Treatment Challenges In The Management Of Bipolar Disorder: A Case Report

Rahima Dahlan, Siti Nor Aizah Ahmad


Objective: This case report highlights on the challenges in the management of people with bipolar disorder. Method: We report a case of 36 year-old lady living with this disorder and her journey in a search for a meaningful life. Result: Adherence to treatment is a major determinant of outcome in bipolar patient like Ms WMY. Poor insight, negative attitudes towards treatment and poor understanding of medications and the illness can all lead to reduced adherence. Conclusion: This case demonstrates on how poverty of insight, poor social support, on-going stressors with significant life events and poor compliance to treatment create a series of stumbling blocks in recovery from bipolar disorder. ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 13 (1): January - June 2012: XX XX.