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Psychological Pillow: A Rare Sign In Catatonia

Somsubhra Somsubhra, Indranil Saha, Amitava Dan, Kaberi Bhattacharyya


Objective: Child age group and delay in starting treatment adversely affects response to treatment in catatonia. Symptoms of catatonia include echo phenomenon, mutism, mannerism, stereotypies, posturing, staring, grimacing, negativism, verbigeration, waxy flexibility, mitgehen, gigenhalten, automatic obedience etc. The common signs are mutism, posturing, negativism, staring, echo phenomenon, rigidity. Method: We report a case of childhood onset catatonia with signs of psychological pillow, both of which are rare conditions. Results: Our case was a female child. In this age group full blown catatonia is considered a rare presentation. Conclusion: Psychological pillow is a rare catatonic symptom. ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry, Vol.12 (2): July - December 2011: XX XX.