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The Profile of Spiritual Dimensions among Health Care Providers in Department of Psychiatry Hasan Sadikin General Hospital.

Elvine Gan


Many research reports that spirituality is important for building health care providers’s personality who serve the vulnerable population whom face the discrimination and ignorance from others. This study want to explore the spiritual dimensions of health care providers in Department of Psychiatry, Hasan Sadikin General Hospital, who give services to the people with mental health illness which are part of the vulnerable groups. This was a descriptive cross sectional research. The data collected from the health care providers in Psychiatry Department of Hasan Sadikin General Hospital and agreed to sign the form of informed consent. The Spiritual Wellness Inventory which had 55 items were used in this research. The highest score for each dimensions is 40. Data was described by using a profile sheet made by Ingersoll. Total samples were consisted of 83 participants divided into 5 groups, (8 staffs, 24 residents, 42 clerkships, 5 nurses, 4 nurses in training).  The results showed that staff members had the highest score in meaning (33.88), the resident had the highest score in hope (33.04), the internship students had the highest score in connectedness (31.21), the nurses had the highest score in conception of the absolute/divine (32.8), the nurses in training has the highest score in mystery (31.25).The profile showed the scores of 10-spiritual dimensions from each working groups. Each group has different in the highest and the lowest scores, described the characteristic of each group. The dimension with low score should be explored and analyzed so it can increase in the future.Every group had their unique dimension of spirituality which could be a modality in serving a vulnerable group without harm, discrimination, and stigma. The Indonesian validation of this inventory should be done for the future research.


spirituality, health provider, vulnerable group

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