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Catatonia secondary to major depressive disorder with suicidal ideation, in the elderly population in Singapore. Two case reports highlighting awareness of early recognition and prompt treatment

Alakananda Gudi


With the ageing population, expected to grow to 25% by 2030 in Singapore, late onset major psychiatric problems might be on the rise, although there are no recent prevalence studies. Having worked in UK for twelve years and having seen only two cases of catatonia in all those years, and seeing two cases of catatonia secondary to major depressive disorder presenting within six weeks of each other in a large teaching hospital in Singapore, my impression that catatonia is disappearing was demystified. Cases of major depression with catatonia cannot be overlooked in elderly population. Suicide rates in elderly with depression are quite high. Catatonia increases premature death including suicide.  Timely identification and treatment cannot be emphasised more to prevent medical complications and suicide.


Catatonia, Singapore Ageing population

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