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The Relationship Of Social Distrust With Personal Suffering: Mediating Capacity Of Excessive Reassurance Seeking

Syed Nadeem Abbas Haider, Safdar Husain Tahir, Asif Ayub Kiyani


Objective: This study investigated the relationship between Social Distrust (SD) with Personal Suffering (PS). This paper considered Excessive Reassurance Seeking (ERS) as a social method of expressing one’s lack of trust on others.

Methods: Analytical technique of linear regression was used to test the relations statistically. A sampling method of convenient and referral selection was applied to select 85 respondents from the city of Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Results: Analysis showed that only ERS predicted PS significantly (B = 0.623, p < 0.001). Age also decreased ERS in the sample (B = -0.208, p < 0.01).

Conclusion: Age reduced ERS because elders became more focused on their personal objectives and therefore, they did not feel the need to confirm loyal attachment of others. Additionally, ERS contributes to increase PS as people confirm sincerity of their social circle regularly. Friends and family do not withstand constant scrutiny of their motives and individuals who use ERS intensively experience depressing loneliness in the society.

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Personal Suffering; PS; Excessive Reassurance Seeking; ERS; Social Distrust; SD; Elders; Aging; Depression

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