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Treatment Resistant Mania: A Case Report

Tee Chun Keat, Poh Yih Chew, Eni Rahaiza, Choo Shell Pinn, Bilbir Kaur


Objective: The objective of this case report is to highlight the challenges faced in managing a patient with treatment resistant bipolar mania. 

Methods: We report a case of a young Chinese lady who was in the manic phase of bipolar mood disorder and though compliant, was found to be resistant to standard anti-manic medications that were given for a duration of 3 months. Clozapine was used as augmentation therapy. 

Results: Marked clinical improvement was shown after augmentation with clozapine. 

Conclusions: Clozapine appears to be effective augmentation therapy when dealing with cases of resistant bipolar mania. However, further in-depth studies are needed to substantiate its indication, safety and effectiveness in such cases.

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Treatment Resistant Mania; Augmentation; Clozapine

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