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An Intriguing Case Of Heroin Induced Delusion Of Parasitosis

Navin Nair, Tee Chun Keat, Sonia Devadas, Choo Shell Pinn, Eni Rahaiza, Bilbir Kaur


Objective: The objective of this case report is to highlight a rare case of delusion of parasitosis induced by heroin abuse. 

Methods: We report a case of a 44-yearold heroin addict who had the false and unshakeable belief of being infested by the African botfly. As a result of his belief, he resorted to various methods to rid himself of the insect such as picking his skin with a knife and burning his skin with a lighter. 

Result: He was diagnosed to be suffering from heroin induced psychotic disorder and was successfully treated with the atypical antipsychotic olanzapine. 

Conclusions: Heroin; an opiate which is not commonly known to cause psychosis was seen to have been the cause of the delusion of parasitosis suffered by our patient.

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Heroin; Delusion of Parasitosis; Olanzapine

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