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Skin Diseases Among Long Stay Psychiatric Patients In Indonesia

Marthoenis Marthoenis, Marion C Aichberger, Liza Fathiariani, Meryam Schouler-Ocak


Objective: Although the fact that the deficit in personal hygiene, hospital conditions, psychiatric medications and other factors can all be responsible for the development of skin problems among long stay psychiatric patients; the rate of skin diseases among this group is rarely studied. This study aimed to determine the prevalence of skin diseases among long stay male patients with schizophrenia in Indonesia.

Methods: Patients who were hospitalized in a psychiatric long-stay institution were recruited, completed a short, structured interview and underwent a physical examination. 

Results: A total of 73% patients in the current study population (N=70 in total) suffered from dermatological diseases. Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue were observed in 31 patients (44.3%), and cases of mycosis alone were found in 26 patients (37.1%). Dermatitis and dry skin diseases were found in 12 (17.1%) and 16 (22.9%) patients, respectively. There is insufficient evidence of association between having a skin disease and the duration of hospital stay (p=0.5), age (p=0.45) and their Body Mass Index (p=0.53) in this population. 

Conclusion: The findings of a high rate of skin diseases among long stay psychiatric patients call for further attention.

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Prevalence; Skin Diseases; Schizophrenia

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