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A Case Of Psychotic Disorder Due To Dengue Fever

Mohammad Farris Iman Leong Bin Abdullah, Mohd Rizal Abu Bakar


Objective: This case reported highlighted psychotic disorder due to dengue fever is rare. Hence we describe a case which clearly presented with psychotic symptoms during the illness.

Methods: We reported a case of psychotic disorder due to dengue fever who presented with psychotic symptoms of auditory and visual hallucination, and persecutory delusion, which had significant temporal correlation with dengue fever symptoms. There were no neurological deficits noted, no altered sensorium and cognitive impairment during the episode. He has no past and family history of mental illness and there was no evidence of encephalitis and metabolic disturbances.

Results: Our case suggests that prominent psychotic symptoms can occur during an episode of dengue fever, which remitted when one recovering from dengue fever.  

Conclusion: We demonstrated that patients who presented with the acute onset of psychosis accompanied by symptoms of viral fever should be screened for dengue fever, particularly if the person lived in or visited the area where dengue fever is endemic. 

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Hallucination; Delusion; Psychotic Disorder; Dengue Fever

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