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Neuropsychiatric Complications In Liver Transplant Patients In A Tertiary Hospital In Singapore

Z Chua, S M Tan, H L, C K Tan, B Y Ng


Objective: The aims of the study were to investigate the percentage, types and presentations of neuropsychiatric complications in liver transplant patients in the Singapore General Hospital and discuss relevant diagnostic and therapeutic issues.

Methods: Case notes and electronic medical records were accessed in order to identify patient characteristics and outcomes, and documentation of the various teams involved.

Results: The percentage of liver transplant patients who developed neuropsychiatric complications was 15.6% (10 out of 64 patients). This ties in with figures in the literature but was likely to have been higher.

Conclusion: Neuropsychiatric complications post-liver transplantation can manifest in a multitude of ways and at various time-points which makes detection and management challenging. Given the impact these have on patient and transplant outcome, it is important to have vigilance, timely intervention, and close collaboration between disciplines.

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Liver Transplantation; Neuropsychiatry; Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry; Delirium

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