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Linking Psychological Traits With Criminal Behaviour: A Review

Mohammad Rahim Kamaluddin, Nadiah Syariani Md Shariff, Azizah Othman, Khaidzir Hj Ismail, Geshina Ayu Mat Saat


Objective: Apart from environmental and social factors, psychological traits is largely linked with criminal and delinquent behaviour. The purpose of this article is to review four critical psychological traits of individuals that may lead to criminal behaviour in a nutshell. 

Methods: An archival research methodology was employed in this study where relevant search for literatures on these four psychological traits was made across search engines such as Google Scholar with relevant articles selected for this review. The literatures were microscopically reviewed in order to demonstrate the linkage between psychological traits and criminal behaviour.

Results: Four psychological traits: personality trait, low self-control, aggression behaviour, and cognitive distortion were chosen to address such linkages. All these four traits were discussed thoroughly in relation to crime and criminality contexts. 

Conclusion: It is crucial to understand the role of these traits and in-depth understanding of each psychological trait with relation of criminal behaviour offers and opportunity to the public at large to expand their knowledge on the importance of practicing and equipping oneself with healthy psychological traits to hinder criminal and delinquent acts.

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Aggression behaviour; Cognitive distortion; Criminal behaviour; Low self-control; Personality traits; Psychological traits

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