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Exploration Of Technology Use Pattern Among Teenagers And Its Relationship With Psychological Variables

Manoj Kumar Sharma, Shyam H R, Thamil P Selvan


Objectives: Technology use is common among adolescents. It is due to availability, curiosity and as a coping method to manage boredom, fill up free time and for having pleasant experience. The present study aims to explore the pattern of information technology usage among 200 adolescents in the age group of 13-17 years and its impact on psychological distress.

Methods: Semi structured interview schedule, Technology addiction survey and Strength and difficulty questionnaire on 200 randomly selected participants.

Results: Addictive use of gaming was present for 39  adolescents (19.5%); addictive use of mobile/cell phone was present in 31 adolescents (15.5%) and  addictive usage of Internet was present among 36 (18%) of them. It was associated with difficulties in various daily activities such as academics, sports, meeting friends, socializing and emotional difficulties.

Conclusions: This  study found addictive use of technology devices and social media among adolescents. This Study has implications for screening technology usage pattern among adolescents; its relation with psychological distress and need for development of intervention programme for technology addiction.

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Teenagers; Addiction; Information Technology

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