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Chronic Mania: Psychosocial Impact To The Family & Role Of Community Mental Health Team In Providing Care

Siti Rohana Abdul Hadi, Suriati Mohamed Saini, Aida Harlina Abdul Razak, Marhani Midin


Objective: This case report highlights the psychosocial complications of chronic mania in a mother and the role of CMHT in improving the condition's outcome. Methods: We report a case of a Malay mother who had underlying chronic mania for 20 years. Results: She was aggressive and abusive towards her children causing tremendous trauma in them, had lost her child custody and almost lost her husband to another woman. Lithium with multiple psychosocial interventions delivered to the patient and her family had improved her mood symptoms significantly and improved the family's quality of life. Conclusion: Chronic mania causes tremendously high illness burdens, and with extra care, the outcome of the condition can be improved. ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 15 (2): July – December 2014: 217-219.


Chronic Mania, Psychosocial Impact, Lithium, Aggression, Community Mental Health Team (CMHT)

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