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Mental Health: Concepts And Treatment In The Siddha (Tamil) System Of Medicine

Somasundaram Ottilingam, Tejus Murthy, Vijaya Raghavan


Objective: Modern mental health profession is little acquainted with the traditional systems prevalent in India namely the Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani systems. Almost no information is available with regard to the Siddha (Tamil) system. An attempt is made in this paper to make a beginning. 

Methods: The System is taught to students in an organized manner only for the past few decades. The few textbooks used with this purpose are available in Tamil language. The relevant information available from these sources was discussed in person with teachers and physicians with vast experience in this field.  

Results: Sage Agathiyar’s treatises on mental illnesses and Yoogi’s Chintamani-800 are two important works of this System, which have been collated and presented in the paper. 

Conclusion: The encouragement given for the treatment and research into this area until recent times all goes well for the future.

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Psychiatry; Siddha; Tamil medicine

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