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Future Role For Motivational Interviewing In The Treatment Of Insomnia - An Opinion

Lucas Lim Jun Hao, Taranjit Kaur Dhillon, Ng Beng Yeong


Objective: This paper aims to explore the possibility of using motivational interviewing (MI) as a therapy for insomnia patients. Methods: We reviewed the current practice guidelines for insomnia, and noted the issues pertaining to types of treatment, notably CBT-I. We also reviewed some studies which seem to suggest that MI treats insomnia. Results: MI is a proven technique for other psychiatric illnesses. There are currently not many studies done evaluating the efficacy of MI on insomnia. Of those published studies, they are either underpowered to draw any firm conclusions, or it is limited to a particular age group. Conclusion: There seems to be promise in the area of MI on insomnia. Given the paucity of data in this area, more research with bigger group of study participants are needed to fully conclude the effectiveness of this treatment. ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 15 (1): January – June 2014: 106-112.


Motivational Interviewing; Insomnia

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