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When Disordered Eating And Disordered Thinking Happen Together In A Young Person? A Case Report

MH Lai, Susan MK Tan


Objective: This case report highlights the complexity of eating disorder in schizophrenia and outlines the diagnostic dilemma and challenges associated with the treatment. Methods: We report a 13 years old female with early onset schizophrenia who developed anorexic symptoms and binge eating. Her eating disturbances worsened after olanzapine was commenced. Results: A combination of pharmacological and psychosocial intervention led to remission of schizophrenia co-morbid with eating disorder NOS. Conclusion: Co-morbid diagnosis of schizophrenia and eating disorder is not uncommon. Early diagnosis and evidence-based intervention are imperative as untreated illness greatly impacts the developmental trajectory of young people. Meeting family’s needs improves family functioning which in turn improves patient’s outcome. ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 15 (1): January – June 2014: 101-105.


Schizophrenia; Eating Disorder; Comorbidity

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