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Men Do Get It: Eating Disorders In Males From An Asian Perspective

Tan Shian Ming, Pearlene Lin Miao Shan, Angeline Kuek Shu Cen, Lee Ee Lian, Evelyn Boon Swee Kim


Objective: To examine the clinical features of male patients with eating disorders in Singapore; and determine the differences in clinical features between the patients across the diagnostic categories. Methods: This is a database analysis of all male cases presenting to the Eating Disorders Clinic at Singapore General Hospital between 2003 and 2012. Results: 72 cases were identified; 36.1% were diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, 33.3% had bulimia nervosa and 30.5% had the diagnosis of eating disorder not otherwise specified. The mean presenting age was 19.9 years. 63.9% were heterosexual, while 15.3% were homosexual/bisexual. 61.1% had comorbid psychiatric diagnoses, with depression being the most common. 59.7% recorded premorbid obesity, while 66.7% reported excessive exercise. The patients in the various diagnostic categories had more similarities than differences. Conclusion: With more male cases over the years, it is important to further understand this condition, to better refine prevention, detection and treatment strategies. ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 15 (1): January – June 2014: 72-82.


Eating Disorders; Males; Singapore; Anorexia; Bulimia

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