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Full compilation of the ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry Vol. 14 (2) Jul to Dec 2013

Editor in Chief: Hatta Sidi


Original Article
  • Psychosis In Parkinson’s Disease Patients
  • The Mandatory Treatment Order - The Experience In The First Year In Singapore
  • The Prevalence Of Internet Addiction Among The Students Of Rafsanjan University Of Medical Sciences
  • Use Of Mind Body Complementary Therapies (MBCTs) And Health Related Quality Of Life (HRQoL) Of Cancer PatientsSubstance Use Pattern Among Primary Health Care Attendees In Southern Thailand
  • Short Latency Afferent Inhibition In Schizophrenia Patients
  • A Study On Neurocognitive Function In Recovered Acute Psychosis Patients
  • A Study Of Subsyndromal And Syndromal Psychiatric Morbidity Among Male Patients With Alcohol Dependence
Case Report
  • Treatment-Emergent Hypomania Or Bipolar Disorder? A Case Report
  • The Maternal Infant Dyadic Relationship - Looking Beyond Postpartum Depression
  • Hypersexuality In Dementia: A Case Report
  • Chronic Subdural Haematoma Presenting As Late Onset Psychosis
  • Psycho-Pharmacologic Approach For Chronic Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome: A Case Report
  • Psychosis Post Craniotomy For Craniopharyngioma
  • Epilepsy – A Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • Psychiatry And World No Tobacco Day
Education Section
  • Model Answer For Critical Review Paper: Conjoint Examination For Malaysian Master Of Medicine (Psychiatry) And Master Of Psychological Medicine May 2013

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