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Hypersexuality In Dementia: A Case Report

Lai Mee Huong, Rosdinom Razali


Objective: This case report highlights the issue of hypersexuality in persons with dementia and outlines the possible etiology and challenges associated with interventions of inappropriate sexual behaviors in dementia. Methods: We report a 75-year-old male with vascular dementia who developed hypersexuality and aggression towards his wife. The management plans are elaborated in this paper. Results: A combination of pharmacological and psychosocial intervention lead to the resolution of his inappropriate sexual behavior and improvement in his relationships with his wife and children. Conclusion: Inappropriate sexual behaviors need to be recognized and managed without compromising the fulfillment of the human's basic need of sexuality.

Download ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry, Vol. 14 (2): July - December 2013 here.